Massage Therapy 


Kate Kelsey, LMT

Kate was raised to use her hands as tools from a very young age and began formal training in massage and body work in 2001.

Since then she has studied multiple modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, La Stone, Shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, along with hand and foot reflexology. 

Kate is an intuitive massage therapist. She uses her experience to tailer fit your session to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a five star resort "melt into relaxation on the table" type of massage experience or a physical therapy approach, she's got what it takes.

Kate's philosophy regarding the body is this:

  • The body is designed to heal itself. Sometimes it needs a little help. 
  • Relaxation is key. 
  • Massage helps remove distress and dis-eased tension out of the body. 
  • Dr. Kimberly Thompson

    “Kate has been MY personal massage therapist for years. That says a lot. I only get massage from the BEST. I'm so excited to be able to share her with YOU!”

    Owner of Meridian Family Acupuncture

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