Chronic Pain — Back, Leg, Hip
From Katherine

"I started with Kimberly over a year ago. Her style of treatment is nothing I had ever experienced. She has helped me with back and leg pain and neck pain. It is amazing how great I feel when I leave. Her approach is unique but thorough, innovative and someone who has my best interest at heart. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone who wants a fresh new approach to health care. It's worth it."

Sinus Pressure Headaches
From Karole

"I first went to see Kimberly when my doctor recommended acupuncture as a treatment for my constant sinus pressure headaches. After the first treatment, my headaches were significantly reduced. With in a couple months, I rarely had any headaches at all. I continued treatments in order to reduce pain from an auto immune joint disease. With regular treatments, and only a low dose of medication, my joints have started to repair themselves. The first treatment I had after a major surgery was a turning point in my recovery. Thank you for the wonderful care, Kimberly!"

Migraines and Anxiety
From Kellie

"Meridian Family Acupuncture has been an all around great experience. Kimberly is always patient, personable and on time. You can count on her office being clean and professional, which is important to me. I love how she is flexible and able to work with my busy work schedule. I especially appreciate that she uses a variety of modalities, depending on what I am experiencing that day. Sometimes she adds in massage, a vibrational tool, acupuncture, and microcurrent. She always knows exactly what I need. Kimberly has been able to control my migraines and anxiety. She is also great with my children. She has special techniques for those who are afraid of needles, which my kids love.by editing it directly on this page."

New to Acupuncture—Happy Patient
From Kelli

"Kimberly’s practice was my first exposure to acupuncture. Frustrated with the limitation of western medicine’s ability to manage chronic problems, I began a journey to discover other avenues to pain management and wellness. Kimberly is confident and passionate about her practice, which is an interesting mix of ancient techniques and modern technology. Her previous experience as a massage therapist is invaluable to those of us who love the hands-on approach. Her hands seem to know exactly what hurts and why. I am always intrigued by her grasp on the body’s energy system and how seemingly unrelated parts of the body are tied together as she treats to relieve symptoms. Thank you, Kimberly, for the TLC!"

Severe Hemorrhoids
From Bergen

"Oh WOW! I just had a BM and it HARDLY hurt compared to last week I”m so happy! It’s back to the level before surgery, which is bearable for now. I do think I can heal. YAY! I’ve felt so much better since you treated me. I just had to tell you. Thank you SOOOOOOO much!"

Back Pain GONE: I Got My Life Back!
From Jody

"Living with back pain was just a part of my life. My family was tired of hearing me complain and I was tired of being excluded from physical activities with my friends and family. I could no longer enjoy bike rides with the family or golf with my friends. I tried pain pills, physical therapy, and massages. Nothing seemed to work and I was desperate for relief. I must admit I was skeptical of acupuncture... but I was willing to try anything. After just a couple of treatments with Kimberly, I saw remarkable results. After just a couple of months, I was almost pain free. I’m now one of Kimberly’s biggest advocates and have recommended her several of my friends to her. Kimberly has really helped me enjoy life more."

Back Pain/Knee Pain
From Dwight

I have suffered with back and knee problems for years and was recommended to Kimberly by my chiropractor. I have always been open to Eastern medicine but I was pleasantly surprised to find a practitioner that actually listens to my concerns and seeks to understand the issues before jumping into a resolution. In addition, she uses an advanced software based on probing touch-points in your hands and feet that develops a graph of how your organs are operating.

From Chronic Pain to Monthly Tune-Up
From Rowland

I started out coming for acupuncture for chronic pain. Now I come in once a month. For me, acupuncture is like a tune-up. When you measure my graph from visit to visit, you always find where I am out of balance. I appreciate that you can tell which problems are developing before the problem gets out of hand.

Chronic Pain—GONE!
From Trena

I started seeing Kimberly about 18 months ago. On my first visit she spent over an hour really listening to my issues and determining the best path for ME! I was so impressed with the amount of time she spent with me and it continues every time I see her. I never leave her office feeling like I haven't gotten the very best care possible. For 15 years I have been seen by a chiropractor for various neck and back issues. I have never felt like there has been a resolution. My pain always comes back after a few days. With Kimberly, I feel like I have been healed. Instead of weekly visits to the chiropractor, I can visit Meridian Family Acupuncture about every six months for a tune-up. She was even able to help me with a mishap I had with some marble steps which resulted in a broken ankle. I had no idea that acupuncture could help the healing process. Thank you Kimberly for taking my pain away!!!!!

Motherhood: Pregnancy, Stress, Life…
From Bergen

Kimberly is fantastic at what she does! I am living proof. She has remedied several ailments I've had, from terrible chronic pain, allergies, and pregnancy to sleep issues, energy levels and coping with my mother's death. I have come to her office feeling so lousy and left a new person with a bright outlook on the day and life. She is personable, understanding and respectful. The office is a very welcoming and private environment to accept treatment and heal. I refer anyone to her with full confidence that she will make you feel better no matter what emotional or physical issues you are experiencing. She is very well educated, very present and in tune, which is not always the case with acupuncturists I have seen. I am a massage therapist and my husband is a chiropractor, so alternative medicine isn't out in left field for me. I feel qualified to evaluate her practice and know she is at the top in terms of quality and care. I highly recommend her work and hope you trust her to help you and those you love. You won't be disappointed!

Chronic Pain: Back, Arm, Wrist, Shoulder
From Jenna

I began acupuncture treatments to reduce pain. I had tendinitis pain in my right arm from my wrist to my shoulder. I am right handed, and the pain was so bad I began to drive and do household chores as a lefty. I also had a back injury 2 years prior, that continued to cause me pain. I work long hours at a desk every day, this made my pain worse and nothing seemed to help. I started treatments with Kimberly and noticed significant improvements. My pain was reduced a great deal, and my back and arm felt much improved. I also noticed other improvements as well. After treatment I felt more relaxed and that night I always slept much better. Kimberly treats the overall body, and also makes suggestions for preventative measures to reduce pain symptoms. She is professional and knowledgeable in a variety of areas. I would highly recommend her if you are seeking acupuncture treatments.

Knee Pain: Fear of Needles
From Bob

I knew very little about Acupuncture and was unsure about needles be put into my body. Then I met Kimberly Thompson she made me feel assured and confident, she was a real professional. So I decided to give her a chance. As MD's were unable to remove my knee pain. After only two treatments my pain was "gone". This was the first time in years I was pain free.

Chronic Back Pain
From Larry

After being in a car accident I had pain in my lower back and upper shoulders and neck area most of the time. I had tried to use Physical Therapy and had gotten some relief, but not on a regular basis and got very frustrated. I was asked if I had tried Acupuncture for my symptoms and I had not, but I was looking for relief and was willing to try. I was asked to keep an open mind. I had started Acupuncture and after only a few sessions found relief and help. I kept going and started doing a monthly maintenance cycle and felt great. Because of work commitment I was not able to use the monthly maintenance for a short time and found that my old pains resurfaced. I was surprised and happy that once I was able to get back on my schedule my pains were under control or gone again. I was not acquainted with acupuncture and didn’t really understand it, and I still don’t. But I understand the relief and feeling better that comes from the use of it to help my system.

Back Pain: Frequency Specific Microcurrent
From Stan

I just left Meridian Family Acupuncture after receiving treatment. I was one of the first to use their new equipment and am a returning patient. The new treatment is unbelievable as I left extremely relaxed and the pain reduced to a very minimum level if not gone completely. Thanks for your great work.

Trigeminal Neuralgia/Anxiey —NO NEEDLES
From Julie

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful experience you gave me today. I appreciate you and respect your knowledge and experience. I’m looking forward to seeing you next week. Plus, my stomach also feels better now!

Pregnancy Induction: Twins
From Jill

I've been meaning to let you know how labor and delivery went, but as you can guess, my hands are full and I'm exhausted! My induction began at 5am, Pitocin at 7am, baby A's water broken at 7:30am. I did get an epidural at about 11:30 and then delivered our son Mason at 12:15. Our daughter Sydney was just a short 15 minutes later (it felt like an eternity at the time). Both were vaginal deliveries and both babies were healthy! We were only in the hospital one night!! I definitely think my acupuncture treatments played a role in how all of this played out. My body was ready to go and everything moved along quickly and smoothly. Thank you so much!!

Trigeminal Neuralgia
From Lynn

I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia about ten years ago. This is a condition which causes periods of intense, stabbing, electric shock-like pain to various locations on the left side of my face and head. Traditional medicine’s means of treating this condition is through medications that slow the function of the nerves that cause the pain (and also bring side-effects that are often more debilitating than the pain itself); or by way of surgical treatment, which may result in some temporary relief, but in some patients has also resulted in total numbness to the affected area (sort of a Bell’s palsy effect, as I’ve been told). As these treatments by traditional medicine have been objectionable to me, I have sought for other means to deal with my pain through natural medicine sources such as chiropractic care, cold-laser therapy and acupuncture. These gave me some measure of relief, but seemed to be due to a “hit-and-miss” routine by the practitioners.

Three years ago I learned of Kimberly Thompson’s work. Having recently moved to Boise, I was looking for an acupuncturist in the area and was told of her. In Kimberly I have found even more than I had expected. Kimberly understands what is happening in my body that is causing the trigeminal pain. Kimberly’s care has made a difference to me because of the following techniques: 

  • At the beginning of each visit, Kimberly performs diagnostic tests which measure the energy flow in the different channels of the body. I had been given such a test before, but the practitioner used it not as a tool, but more as a “gadget” to entertain. Kimberly understands the value of what these tests tell her. 
  • Through the feedback from the diagnostic test, Kimberly is able to pinpoint the areas of concern in my body (not always the same at each visit), thus providing her with an accurate “map” of where to place her acupuncture needles. Kimberly’s sense of touch is also important in this work as she is able to feel the points where the flow of energy is being blocked on the body and then unstop those blockages. Her sensitivity in this is another thing that sets her apart from others in her field. 
  • Kimberly’s background in massage therapy is also a bonus in her ability to unstop the energy channels and help to get it flowing properly through the body. Her sense of touch is key to her success in her acupuncture work.

I have found that, through Kimberly’s care, my body is being healed, rather than pain just being “masked” as traditional medicine would do for me. The trigeminal neuralgia is becoming less and less a problem for me. It is so gratifying to me to have Kimberly’s natural therapy bring about the care I have needed to heal my body.