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Baked Pears: Dessert with a PURPOSE!

As you know, in Chinese Medicine each acupuncture pathway relates to a unique set of symptoms which include muscular pain, the internal organs, AND the emotions. 

The Lung is our topic of discussion today.

Grief is the emotion of the lung. Patients who have experienced grief from the loss of a loved one within the last year may recognize a weakened immune system, thus leading to more pronounced lung channel conditions this winter. 

Here are some of the symptoms related to the lung pathway.



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The SECRET to knowing if your acupuncture pathways need help!

What if you could judge for yourself whether or not your acupuncture pathways are out of balance? Well, you can, and I’m going to teach you the secret!

Symptoms ● Pain ● Emotions

If you have had an AcuGraph analysis at the clinic, I’ve already taught you the basics. Since teaching is my passion, let me teach you another layer. 

Every acupuncture pathway is also associated with a season. Since fall is only about 30 days away, let’s take a quick look ahead—and I’ll teach you how to prepare. 

The acupu…


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An Asthma Success Story: No More Nebulizer…

David is a pharmacist. He’s 60 years old and has had asthma since he was a child. When he was a kid, he had multiple bouts of pneumonia which led to one of his lungs not functioning properly. During his childhood and teen years, he had to use an inhaler almost daily. As an adult he progressed to needing a nebulizer 2-3 times per day.

Well, here he is in 2022—still surviving on one lung. David is now a COVID survivor—but unfortunately the after-effects of the virus really took a toll on his health…


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Retirement is GREAT: Unless Your FEET Hurt!

Middle age. It’s that bridge between your younger years and your older years—when you have learned a few life lessons, your career is a little more established, perhaps you have a little more money to play with, and maybe a little more time because you kids are grown. 

Walking across that bridge into your your ‘Golden Years’ can be a lovely experience… Unless your FEET DON’T WORK!

Then it SUCKS! It hurts. It’s disappointing. It’s sad. It’s frustrating. 


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Peripheral Neuropathy: Mary got her LIFE Back!

Peripheral Neuropathy is a chronic progressive disease. Pain, burning, pins and needles, loss of balance and now numbness. She’d learned to live with her symptoms. She’d always hoped that the gabapentin and the neurontin she was taking would eventually help her get better, but it didn’t.

She looked me in the eye and soberly shared the raw details of her reality. and whispered...

‘Sometimes’ my feet go numb and I can barely feel the brake pedal in her car… 


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Peripheral Neuropathy: Her Toes Were Numb…

One evening, Teresa was relaxing in her living room with her feet up, reading the newspaper. She paused to look up over the edge of the paper, and realized that her cat was licking her toes…. She didn’t FEEL the cat licking at her toes. She SAW the cat licking her toes.

Teresa could NOT feel the cat licking her toes because the nerves in her feet were dying. Her Peripheral Neuropathy
had progressed to a new stage. Numbness.

Not being able to feel your cat lick your toes may not seem like a big dea…


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Long Hauler Syndrome: A Message of HOPE!

“It was months after recovering from Covid… 
I should have gotten my energy back. I should have been feeling better. But I wasn’t.”

And even though the toughest part of the sickness is over, for many people, their body never went back to feeling RIGHT.

Heart palpitations
Hair loss
Skin changes.
Body aches and pains
Night sweating

Let me tell you about Jill...


Long Hauler Syndrome

Long Hauler’s Syndrome: It's TREATABLE!

It’s a complicated list of chronic conditions which seem to linger and multiply over time. In fact, some long haulers experience a variety of symptoms for weeks, months, or even over a year, with no real explanation as to why.  For others, their symptoms go away, only to come back months later.


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The Greater Gift

I’m Going to Miss this Guy

When his wife called me to let me know that he had passed, she said: “You know, he loved coming for acupuncture. Every month he was so excited. It was like he was going to a party.” She thanked me for taking care of her husband all these years.