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The Stomach Pathway: It's More Than Just Digestion

Let's talk about "The Stomach Pathway". From an acupuncture perspective, it's not just about digesting your latest meal. It's way more interesting than that. 

The Stomach Pathway is like a highway that runs through your body with 45 pit stops along the way. This pathway starts at your eyes, travels down your torso, and finishes up at your toes. Surprisingly, the actual stomach itself is only ONE stop along this journey. 


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Jaw Pain: How to tell if your Acupuncture Pathways are out of Balance

All jaw pain is not created equal. Here's a peek into FIVE acupuncture pathways that go right through the jaw. How do you know which pathway is the problem? Take a look below. Each pathway has a unique set of symptoms which tell the story. Which of these pathways tell the story behind all the EXTRA symptoms that you experience.

NOTE: Most patients have blockages in multiple pathways. 


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Sciatic Pain: Finding Freedom from the Pain in the Butt!

If you have had sciatic pain, you know what I'm talking about. 

Picture an invisible vise, gripping your hip, butt and thigh—squeezing your muscles tight. Sometimes it feels prickly, sometimes it's a pins and needles sensation. Other times, it's a knife-like nerve sensation that runs down your leg to your foot. Every step you take is a delicate balance betweenscomfort and relief. Sometimes you gasp and cry out because of the pain. 

Michael of Meridian, like many others, used to suffer from the rel…


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Walking Beyond Pain: Embracing a Non-Surgical Path to Morton's Neuroma Relief

Let me share Carol's inspiring journey. Carol battled Morton's Neuroma for years. She had already been to a podiatrist and did not get the relief she had been hoping for. The recurring problem left her hesitant to try yet another treatment. However, with a glimmer of hope, she decided to embark on Dr. Kimberly's Morton's Neuroma Program.

To her delight, it worked wonders. The pain that had haunted her for years vanished. What's even more incredible is that Carol finally get out there and walk aga…