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The SECRET to knowing if your acupuncture pathways need help!

What if you could judge for yourself whether or not your acupuncture pathways are out of balance? Well, you can, and I’m going to teach you the secret!

Symptoms ● Pain ● Emotions

If you have had an AcuGraph analysis at the clinic, I’ve already taught you the basics. Since teaching is my passion, let me teach you another layer. 

Every acupuncture pathway is also associated with a season. Since fall is only about 30 days away, let’s take a quick look ahead—and I’ll teach you how to prepare. 

The acupu…


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The Greater Gift

I’m Going to Miss this Guy

When his wife called me to let me know that he had passed, she said: “You know, he loved coming for acupuncture. Every month he was so excited. It was like he was going to a party.” She thanked me for taking care of her husband all these years.