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The Stomach Pathway: It's More Than Just Digestion

Let's talk about "The Stomach Pathway". From an acupuncture perspective, it's not just about digesting your latest meal. It's way more interesting than that. 

The Stomach Pathway is like a highway that runs through your body with 45 pit stops along the way. This pathway starts at your eyes, travels down your torso, and finishes up at your toes. Surprisingly, the actual stomach itself is only ONE stop along this journey. 


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Jaw Pain: How to tell if your Acupuncture Pathways are out of Balance

All jaw pain is not created equal. Here's a peek into FIVE acupuncture pathways that go right through the jaw. How do you know which pathway is the problem? Take a look below. Each pathway has a unique set of symptoms which tell the story. Which of these pathways tell the story behind all the EXTRA symptoms that you experience.

NOTE: Most patients have blockages in multiple pathways. 


Bladder Pathway

The Bladder Pathway: It's the MVP When it Comes to Muscle Pain

An Overview of the Bladder Pathway:

Both the Kidney and the Bladder pathways support the brain, the nervous system, the bones and the spinal cord. This pathway is a major player with all muscular and neurological conditions. 

Common Bladder Pathway Symptoms Include: 

✔︎ Headache
✔︎ Neck Pain
✔︎ Back Pain
✔︎ Bladder Control
✔︎ Neurological Conditions


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A Deep Dive into the Transformative Power of the Kidney Pathway: Sarah's Story

Common Kidney Pathway Symptoms Include: 

✔︎ Low Back Pain
✔︎ Knee Pain
✔︎ Bladder Control Issues
✔︎ Spinal Stenosis
✔︎ Ringing in the Ears
✔︎ Frequent Urination
✔︎ Low Libido

Meet Sarah:

To illustrate the impact of an imbalance in the Kidney Pathway, let me introduce you to Sarah, a 55-year-old woman who sought help at our clinic out of sheer frustration. When we asked her what made her turn to acupuncture, she said: "I'm desperate. Nothing else is working."


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The SECRET to knowing if your acupuncture pathways need help!

What if you could judge for yourself whether or not your acupuncture pathways are out of balance? Well, you can, and I’m going to teach you the secret!

Symptoms ● Pain ● Emotions

If you have had an AcuGraph analysis at the clinic, I’ve already taught you the basics. Since teaching is my passion, let me teach you another layer. 

Every acupuncture pathway is also associated with a season. Since fall is only about 30 days away, let’s take a quick look ahead—and I’ll teach you how to prepare. 

The acupu…