Walking Beyond Pain: Embracing a Non-Surgical Path to Morton's Neuroma Relief

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Living with Morton's Neuroma can feel like an uphill battle, especially when conventional treatments offer only temporary relief. At Meridian Family Acupuncture, we understand the toll this condition takes on individuals, and we are committed to providing a transformative alternative.

Traditional surgeries may grant a brief respite, but the frustrating recurrence of scar tissue can make it seem like an endless cycle – a bit like a dog chasing its tail. 

  • You undergo surgery to remove the scar tissue.
  • You walk around on crutches with a bandaged foot for six weeks during the healing process.
  • And yet…more scar tissue forms during your "healing process," often leading to the return of Morton's Neuroma.

Dr. Kimberly Thompson, at Meridian Family Acupuncture has developed a program to break the cycle. Treatment includes a blend of ancient acupuncture plus modern scientific treatment techniques–with a specific target toward scar tissue. 

Our patients aren't just finding relief; they're walking comfortably again without the need for surgery. 

Let me share Carol's inspiring journey. Carol battled Morton's Neuroma for years. She had already been to a podiatrist and did not get the relief she had been hoping for. The recurring problem left her hesitant to try yet another treatment. However, with a glimmer of hope, she decided to embark on Dr. Kimberly's Morton's Neuroma Program.

To her delight, it worked wonders. The pain that had haunted her for years vanished. What's even more incredible is that Carol can finally get out there and walk again–something she loves dearly.

Dr. Kimberly Thompson leads the way with a modern science-based treatment approach that gets to the root cause of Morton's Neuroma, going beyond surface-level symptom relief.

Here's what sets our treatment apart:

Personalized Care:

Dr. Thompson tailors her treatment plans to your specific needs, understanding that each individual's journey with Morton's Neuroma is unique. To kickstart your healing process, you'll begin with an AcuGraph analysis to identify the acupuncture pathways causing your pain.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Results:

We marry traditional acupuncture practices with modern science-based treatment modalities, creating a comprehensive and effective approach. Our treatments include a combination of:

  • Traditional acupuncture
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent

This powerful combination allows us to target scar tissue so you get long-term relief.

Non-Surgical Solution:

Bid farewell to the frustration of surgery and the relentless recurrence of scar tissue. Our holistic approach focuses on providing long-term relief from scar tissue invasion without resorting to invasive procedures.

Ready to take the first step towards walking pain-free?

Book a consultation now, and if you start today, you could experience significant improvement before spring arrives.

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Louis Dyson

Dr. Kimberly I feel very fortunate that I have found someone that truly cares about helping others overcome their ailments, that have been a negative part of their lives for so long. 

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