The Missing Link in Weight Loss: The Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

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I’m a doctor. I’m also a menopausal woman. I gained 50 pounds in 5 years. I felt miserable.

For the last five years, I made the SAME resolution over and over again. It was always to lose weight. And guess what? Over and over again, I reached the end of the year—and FAILED.

My little five-pound pudge turned into 10, then 20, then menopause, then a pandemic. Before I knew it, I’d gained 50 pounds! The term “fat and happy” is a big FAT lie. 

"The worst part for me is that I am a DOCTOR. I know how to live a healthy lifestyle. I also know the debilitating effects of weight gain, inflammation, and chronic pain. The fact that I had lost control of my weight was frustrating. In fact, it made me angry. I was sick and tired of being fat and unhappy."

Instead of starting last year with yet another 'diet'—I made the decision to do the research and figure out what was missing for me, and many others, who were struggling with the same midlife bulge that I was experiencing.

The Missing Link to Weight Loss…

After working with colleagues researching, analyzing and picking apart the best aspects of the premier weight loss programs to figure out what was missing—we realized that we were holding the missing piece: 

The Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

What happened next is actually mind blowing. I was able to release the weight—and keep it off! Friends, family and colleagues were so impressed, they begged me to teach them how to lose weight, too.

In early 2022, we began beta testing the program. The results were amazing. Everyone in our program averaged 20 pounds of weight loss in a six-week period. Not only were they able to lose weight, but they also reported relief from inflammation, chronic pain, and Type 2 diabetes.

The rest is history. 

The AcuPlus Weight Loss Program™ has now become a staple at Meridian Family Acupuncture, and it's changing lives across the nation.  

Meridian Family Acupuncture specializes in chronic pain. Weight loss is a major contributing factor for our chronic pain patients. Patients who follow the program are losing an average of 20+ pounds in a six-week period. 

Chronic pain, inflammation, and weight loss go hand in hand. We have amazing solutions!

Lose Weight: Feel BETTER!

When you are ready, we are here for YOU!

~Dr. Kimberly


Dr. Kimberly Thompson, DACM, L.Ac.
Meridian Family Acupuncture
1879 N. Lakes Place
Meridian, ID 83646 

The AcuPlus Weight Loss Program™


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