Long Hauler’s Syndrome: It's TREATABLE!

Long Hauler Syndrome

Long Hauler’s Syndrome…

It’s a new word isn’t it? Three years ago a long hauler referred to a truck driver. Now it’s a “syndrome”…

“A condition experienced by someone who has not fully recovered from a covid-19 infection.”

It’s a complicated list of chronic conditions which seem to linger and multiply over time. In fact, some long haulers experience a variety of symptoms for weeks, months, or even over a year, with no real explanation as to why.  For others, their symptoms go away, only to come back months later.

Brain Fog
Shortness of Breath
Chest Pain
 Body Ache
Joint Pain
Lingering loss of taste/abnormal taste
Lingering Loss of smell/abnormal smell
Memory Problems
High Blood Pressure
Blood Clotting
Skin rashes/Sensitivities

Let me tell you about a young guy in his early 30’s, typically healthy and vibrant, who came into to the clinic desperate for help.

He was a strong, muscular, athletic, vibrant, in the prime of his life type of guy. He was used to feeling great all of the time. And then, all of a sudden he felt crappy. 

This went on for several months. He did all the right things to feel better. Nothing worked. Finally, his doctor suggested he try acupuncture, so he called me. 

During his consultation he rattled off his list of symptoms… Exhaustion. Brain Fog. Dizziness. Excruciating headache. Body Aches. Etc.

By the time he and I met, I’d been treating post COVID patients for more than a year… Long Hauler’s syndrome looks a lot like autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome. Since he did not have a history of long term autoimmune type illness, I suspected Long Hauler’s Syndrome. 

I asked him if he had had COVID. His answer: 

“Maybe… Several months ago I was sick for a couple of days,
but got over it really fast. I never lost my sense of taste or smell so I didn’t get tested.”

I put him on my “Post COVID Treatment Program” and before long he was feeling like his old self again. This guy is now one of my biggest cheerleaders! 

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Besides the smile on that guy’s face, there are TWO more things that make me really happy about my Post COVID Treatment Program. 

1. Doctor Referrals. 

KUDDOS to his doctor for suggesting acupuncture. I realize that there are very few doctors who know the value of acupuncture for post COVID symptoms. Lucky for our community, word is spreading.

We now get weekly phone calls from patient’s whose doctors have heard that our clinic can help Long Hauler’s Syndrome. 

2. It’s a GREAT time to be an acupuncturist.

It’s almost as if my whole career I’ve been subconsciously preparing for this new generation of difficult conditions. I have been combining traditional Chinese medicine for modern science for years.

Acupuncture alone for Long Hauler’s Syndrome is not enough. I’ve developed a unique scientific treatment strategy that works. 

Dr. Kimberly Thompson
Meridian Family Acupuncture





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