The Power of Acupuncture in Managing Multiple Sclerosis

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Hello there!

I'd like to share a heartwarming story from my childhood. I grew up in Las Vegas. Every year, the Jerry Lewis Telethon was broadcast live from my hometown, and I vividly remember being glued to the TV–watching Jerry Lewis interview MS patients late into the night. 

My heart was always touched, and I'd stay up eagerly awaiting the rising donations thermometer.

One year, I had a bright idea. I wanted to help raise money, so I set out a coffee can on the driveway and began washing cars. Word spread and neighbors started emptying their pockets and donating coin. By the end of the weekend, my coffee can was full. 

I was thrilled. My mom drove me to the convention center, where I proudly dumped the money into the donation pot.

Little did I know back then, that years later I'd become a doctor, and indeed, I REALLY could make a difference for MS patients.

Acknowledging Ancient Wisdom in Modern Science

Did you know how powerful acupuncture is for MS patients? Scientists now recognize that "acupuncture significantly contributes to keeping MS patients in remission for longer durations and slowing down the progression of this complex condition" [1]. 

I have treated many, many MS patients through the years. Acupuncture has helped them to stay 10 steps ahead of this chronic, debilitating disease. Those who come in for regular acupuncture visits have been able to live a normal healthy life, without MS flare-ups. 

While acupuncture isn't a complete cure, it serves as a vital support system, offering relief from symptoms and impeding the advancement of MS. Numerous scientific studies advocate acupuncture as a helpful resource for MS patients.

A Holistic Approach to Symptom Management

If you or someone you care about is dealing with MS, consider trying acupuncture. A comprehensive AcuGraph analysis will measure the electrical flow in the acupuncture pathways. Once diagnosed, we can target treatment to help the patient thrive. Here's how we can assist:

  • Alleviate symptoms: tingling, numbness, muscle weakness
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve mobility
  • Boost the immune system
  • Manage pain

Early Intervention for Lasting Results

One key takeaway is the importance of early intervention. "Acupuncture has shown its potential to eliminate symptoms completely and indefinitely halt the progression of MS when initiated in the early stages." [2]. 

The key is consistency. Most of my MS patients come in for a monthly tune-up to keep their symptoms at bay. 

Spread the Word – Acupuncture is a Game-Changer

While I'm no longer washing cars to fill a coffee can with donation money, my dedication to the MS community remains strong. I know that I can help, and I've seen lives change.

If you want to make a difference, spread the word – acupuncture for MS can be life-changing. 

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~Dr. Kimberly


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[1] Lu Xi et al., “A Study of the Chinese Medicine Prevention of Relapse of Multiple Sclerosis,” Zhong Yi Za Zhi (Journal of Chinese Medicine), #7, 1995, p. 417-418

[2] Maciocia, “The Practice of Chinese Medicine—The Treatment of Diseases with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs,” Churchill Livingstone, 1994, p. 706-7073. March 7: Program 1 (product or service)

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Danielle Werschkul

My grandmother had MS and it was difficult watching it progress over the years. I wish we knew about the power of acupuncture! This is wonderful, thanks for sharing! 

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